Bike Week 2009 is scheduled for February 27th - March 8th! Daytona Beach motorcycle rally biker event in Daytona Beach, Florida  Bike Week. Bike Week  pictures are going up in the bike week photo album.



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Although it seems that the City of Daytona Beach wants to downsize Bike Week and other motorcycle events. It appears that the Daytona motorcycle rally is just spreading out from the city limits of Main Street and Beach Street where the Harley-Davidson dealership used to be located.

The local Harley dealer has now moved his dealership to Ormond Beach with big improvements on a 150 acre complex named Destination Daytona that will be the worlds largest Harley-Davidson showroom! This move along with the opening of new biker bars and second location added for the Boot Hill Saloon promises to send more motorcycles north of Daytona Beach for the biker event.

But, the motorcycle ride will also continue south of Daytona Beach to places like Edgewater where the No Name Saloon is located and to the west is Samsula home the to world famous Cabbage Patch Bar and Coleslaw Wrestling. The women's coleslaw wrestling event has now been expanded too with Saturday of Bike Week added, it is scheduled for Tuesday and Saturday during the Daytona motorcycle rally.

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